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    accept: '.draggable',
    drop: on_element_drop

function on_element_drop(event, ui){


<div class="draggable">
    <img src="test.png" alt="3">

I'm trying to figure out how I can get the 'alt' property of the image in this draggable div from the 'ui' argument passed to 'on_element_drop.' Anyone know how to do this?

The closest I seem to get is:


however this doesn't work.

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Your draggable div contain only one img element. So for this below is right


But if your draggable contain more img element like below

<div class="draggable">
    <img src="test.png" alt="3">
    <img src="test.png" alt="4">

then you can't use upper code to find alt value of second img element. So you can try this:


This example shows a general idea that how you can find actual object within parent object. You can use classes to differentiate your child object. That is easy and fun. i.e.

<div class="draggable">
    <img class='first' src="test.png" alt="3">
    <img class='second' src="test.png" alt="4">

You can do this as below :


and more specific as:


You can use find or children as above code. For more visit Children http://api.jquery.com/children/ and Find http://api.jquery.com/find/.

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I assume there is more html and javascript to go with what you have posted? Like the droppable div?

You should be able to add this to your drop handler


Using find works as well, if you add extra html


Good luck!

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