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I recently wanted to install Ruby bindings for GTK on my Fedora 15 box. I installed all the packages with yum (ruby-gtk2, ruby-gtk2-devel, all that), and I get a NameError when trying to do a simple Hello World GUI app in Ruby. Here's the code:

require 'gtk'

window =
button ="Hello World")

window.set_title("Hello Ruby")

# Connect the button to a callback.
button.signal_connect('clicked') { puts "Hello Ruby" }

# Connect the signals 'delete_event' and 'destroy'
window.signal_connect('delete_event') {
    puts "delete_event received"
window.signal_connect('destroy') {
    puts "destroy event received"

window.add button
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in window = – tekknolagi Jun 24 '11 at 1:49
i still get this gtk.rb:3: uninitialized constant Gtk::WINDOW_TOPLEVEL (NameError) unfortunately – tekknolagi Jun 24 '11 at 4:36
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First of all, you want to pull in gtk2 not gtk so change your require to this:

require 'gtk2'

Then, from the fine manual: = Gtk::Window::TOPLEVEL)

Creates a new Gtk::Window, which is a toplevel window that can contain other widgets.

So you don't actually need to specify the type when you want a toplevel window but if you want to specify the type, then you want to use the Gtk::Window::TOPLEVEL constant not Gtk::WINDOW_TOPLEVEL:

window =

That pretty much exhausts my (current) knowledge of the Ruby Gtk bindings but hopefully it will get you moving the right direction.

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thank you so much! – tekknolagi Jun 24 '11 at 6:38

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