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How do I call utimes or futimes in a way that makes it ignore either the first or second times array argument.


int utimes(const char *filename, const struct timeval times[2]);

struct timeval {
    long tv_sec;        /* seconds */
    long tv_usec;       /* microseconds */

I remember figuring this out some time back. You had to set tv_sec to a special value to make it ignore the argument. Can anyone recall that or know how I do this?

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The utimes interface is deprecated, and I don't know if it offers a way to do what you want. It was poorly standardized and the answer might vary between platforms. Instead you should use utimensat or futimens:


with the special value of UTIME_OMIT.

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That's the function I was after!! thanks for that. –  Matt Jun 24 '11 at 0:29

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