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I'm trying to package a plugin created with FireBreath as a Chrome extension. I've read on Chrome Extensions and NPAPI that the way to do that is to include the files in the manifest like so:

"plugins": [
   { "path": "plugin-windows.dll" },
   { "path": "plugin-linux.so" },
   { "path": "plugin-mac.so" }

FireBreath compiles the .dll and Linux .so files just fine, but on OS X I get a .plugin file. How do I get the mac.so out of the .plugin file or is there some other way I should package my plugin for Chrome on OS X?

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Sorry, I made a mistake in that post (updating it). For Mac you place the .plugin file so it should be:

{ "path":  "plugin-mac.plugin" }
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I've heard that the order in which they are declared matters, is that still true? – Daniel X Moore Jun 24 '11 at 2:43
AFAIK, I don't believe order does matter because if the NPAPI plugin fails to load it will try the next one in the list. I might be wrong though. The order I defined in my other answer is what many people are using in the extension world that I recommended because based on popular platforms. – Mohamed Mansour Jun 24 '11 at 3:12

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