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I am swapping out the standard Unity container in Prism 4 and run into a problem when my modules are initializing. Before I used to get an IUnityContainer injected and this then allowed me to register additional types from my module all well and good.

Now I am injecting an AutoFac.IContainer and it does not have the RegisterType methods i need. They are located in the ContainerBuilder class.

So the simple question is how to I register types into my main container from within my modules as they are loaded.

Thanks Craig

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Possible duplicate of Run-Time Registration With Autofac which also discusses Prism. –  bentayloruk Jun 24 '11 at 11:46

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The standard Autofac way is building your modules as IModule classes, using builder.RegisterModule to load them into your container as part of the register process.

If you already have a container and need to add registrations to it, you use the ContainerBuilder again like this:

var cb = new ContainerBuilder();

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