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My application uses activemerchant to process payments. I'm using Eway as my payment gateway. I'm storing credit card details with Eway to keep them out of my application database.

I'm using a method store which returns a response with a customer billing id that I can use at a later time to process the order.

My main issue is how do I get the response value into my controller so I can save it to the member model.

I've created a simple ruby file to test this all works and it does. I just need to convert this code to work inside my rails app.

require "rubygems"
gem 'activemerchant', '1.15.0'
require 'activemerchant'

ActiveMerchant::Billing::Base.mode = :production

gateway =
  :login => '12345678',
  :username => '',
  :password => 'mypassword'

credit_card =
    :type               =>  "visa",
    :number             =>  "4444333322221111",
    :verification_value =>  "123",
    :month              =>  "11",
    :year               =>  "2011",
    :first_name         =>  "John",
    :last_name          =>  "Citizen"

options = {
    :order_id => '1230123',
    :ip => "",
    :email => '',
    :billing_address => { :title => "Mr.",
                      :address1 => '123 Sample Street',
                      :city => 'Sampleville',
                      :state => 'NSW',
                      :country => 'AU',
                      :zip => '2000'
    :description => 'purchased items'

if credit_card.valid?
  response =, options)
  if response.success?
    puts "Credit Card Stored. #{response.message}"
    customer = response.params['CreateCustomerResult']
    puts "Customer Id: #{customer}"
    puts "Error: #{response.message}"
  puts "Error, credit card is not valid. #{credit_card.errors.full_messages.join('. ')}"

Here is the relevant code in my order model.

  serialize       :params
  cattr_accessor  :gateway

  def response=(response)
    self.success        = response.success?
    self.message        = response.message
    self.params         = response.params
    self.billing_id     = response.params['CreateCustomerResult']
  rescue ActiveMerchant::ActiveMerchantError => e
    self.success        = false
    self.message        = e.message
    self.params         = {}
    self.billing_id     = nil

 def store
   response =, options)

Here is my order controller create code.

  def create
    @member  = current_member
    @order_deal = Deal.find(params[:deal_id])
    @order =[:order])
    @order.member_id =
    @order.ip_address = request.remote_ip
    @deal = @order_deal
        render :action => "success"
        flash[:notice] = "Successfully processed your order."
        render :action => "new"
      render :action  => 'new'

So essentially I want to get the


and add it to my member model under

member.billing_id = response.params['CreateCustomerResult]

How can I do this?

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I found another question that seems to be doing something very similar to what I need here.…. – Robert B Jun 26 '11 at 21:50

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