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I am looking for the information about Excel embed into the WinForm.

I am developing under C# 4.0, WinForm now.

My question is How could I excel embed into the form? How could I open excel file in the WinForm apps?

As I know, when the control, WebBrowser(or AxSHDocVw.AxWebBrowser) is using, it was working before under ealier .NET runtime. But I don't know why the way is not working anymore. For security or whatever.

So I want to know have any better way to embed or open Excel file in the win form? I hope you could let me know useful information for that.

Please, help me, I will waiting for the information.


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I would highly recommend a component called SpreadSheetGear (http://www.spreadsheetgear.com). It's pricy, but works very well out of the box and can save you considerable headache and the need to have excel installed on the client.

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Check this out: How to Integrate Excel in a Windows Form

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