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i passed an argument to a Qt Slot , the argument is a class that i have wroted ( Image_Viewer ).

to make connection betwen a signals and a slots , they both have to had the same type of argument ( correct me if i am wrong ).

i only need the clicked() signal of the Qpushbutton classe but since it has not the same argument of the Slot i have wroted , the connection cant be done.

if making another signal that also have (Image_Viewer) as an argument is the ONLY SOLUTION , then how and where can i wrote it ? and if it isnt then what is the solution ?

PS : Sorry for my english

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You could use a QSignalMapper to simulate "adding" a parameter to the clicked() slot. The example in the docs do just that.

More information in the Signals and Slots - Advanced Usage section.

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thanks a lot :) – hamza Jun 24 '11 at 16:36

you can try by using an extra slot to call your slot.


void YourClass::slotToCallYourRealSlot()

void YourClass::yourRealSlot(Image_Viewer viewer)
   //your code
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thanks man , really helpful – hamza Jun 24 '11 at 4:47

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