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Given this form

<form id="posts_form">
    <input type="file" value="" name="picture" >

    <span class="picture_js fc-button fc-button-prev fc-state-default fc-corner-left fc-corner-right">
        <span class="fc-button-inner">
            <span class="fc-button-content save_button">Share</span>
            <span class="fc-button-effect">

I'm using this <span> based button for style purposes.

What I'm trying to do is bind a click event on the <span> button and fire a submit function, like:

    return false;

function pictureUpload() {

        var options = { url: 'chat/upload' }


But there is no response to clicking on the button (no errors on console either) -- any suggestions how to make this work?

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I don't see any 'posts_form' element in your html, is this the whole of the html? – iforce2d Jun 24 '11 at 2:40
sorry @iforce2d - just corrected the code and added id to the form – torr Jun 24 '11 at 2:51

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I think you may need to include and implement both beforeSubmit and success options for file upload to work, as suggested in this post: Jquery form plugin file upload.

Try this:

function pictureUpload() {

    var options = { 
        url: 'chat/upload',
        success: function() {},
        beforeSubmit: function() {}

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