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I would like to a tagging system where I can separate the tags by the user's who created them. I followed Railscast #167 about setting up tags using virtual attributes, but that way only lets me call @post.tags to find the tags for a post, but I can't call @user.tags and find all their tags.

How could I augment this so that @user.posts.tag("music") would return all their posts with the tag music?

Thanks for an help or insight into what I'm doing wrong.

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@user.posts returns an array, so you could filter this pretty easily with something like this: do |post|
  post.tag_names.include? "music"

You might, however, run into an issue with the records not being eagerly loaded in that situation. Something like this should take care of that:

Post.includes(:taggings => :tags).where("posts.user_id = ?", do |post|
  post.tag_names.include? "music"
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