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I want to place an image in a textbox which is left aligned with some padding-left value. For that i am using background-image and background-position properties in CSS. Which image to place, is decided by a third value and the images are of different width.

My second requirement is the text in the textbox should be displayed after the image ends with a gap of 4px. Because of varying image width the textbox width is also varying. i want to keep it at a fixed width.

I tried using text-indent property instead of padding-left by putting :

text-indent : 40px;

text-indent helps me keeping width fixed but when i click in the textbox it shows cursor at very start of the textbox(at 2px).

How can i do it? Which CSS properties should i use?

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If you could supply the HTML and CSS that you have so far via the SO community will be able to help you in a more efficient way. Screen shots of what you have and what you want wold also be helpful. – Dan Jun 24 '11 at 5:52
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I'm not completely sure of what your asking but from what I can gather it sounds like you need with CSS width property?

   background: white url(images/smiley.png) center left no-repeat;
   width: 120px; /* Fixed outside bounds width of the text input*/
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i used size attribute before but didnt worked for me. but CSS property width working fine..!! thank you.. – Vinay Jun 24 '11 at 6:36

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