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i have created dynamic table-layout. in that layout in each row have four buttons.one button is use to navigate from one activity to another. my problem is when i switch from 1st activity to second activity by pressing button and i come back from 2nd activity to 1st activity clicked button loose its state.

Ex. 1) in 1st Activity i click button 1 and check the check box and go to 2nd activity after doing some operation i come back to 1st activity and i see the button1 and check box are unclicked and unchecked.

so how to maintain states of buttons

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obviously it would be happen because i have to maintain the check box state when its come on the on resume() ..u can take a shared preferance to mantain the check box state .

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Use variables and store the values in the variable when u clicked the button. Store that variable values in the Bundle object using the bundle.putExtras...() method. send this bundle object to the other activity using Intent.putExtra...s();. In the same manner ,if u need the those values then resend that bundle object and get that bundle object using Intent.getExtras....();. And finally restore the values from the bundle object.

This information may solve your problem.

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thanks for answer but if u have some code for it please send me.thanks –  MJBoss Jun 24 '11 at 7:13

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