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I would like to create a WCF application to copy huge files from server to client. My problem is 'How can I auto start the server application upon server machine log on ?'. It is aimed to a small office intranet application and all the machine running on Windows 7 Ultimate.

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If you install the WCF Server as a window Service you can get it to start automatically from the Windows Services Panel.

However, I would advise to set the start-up mode to delayed start as I have encountered some issues in the past with the automatic start.

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What is windows log in? There is only user log in. If you need service host application to start after computer boot you need to host it in Windows Service. If you need some process to start after user log in you can create simple console application and add it to Startup (applications running after user log in).

Anyway creating WCF service for copying files is a global nonsense. It looks like everybody things that WCF is technology for large data transfers. It is not - especially it is not a technology for file transfers. Use shared drives and normal file copying - custom batch file can be added on each machine into Startup or install FTP (part of IIS which is available on Windows 7 Ultimate).

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