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In drupal how to display the user's last login date and Time.I tried out the code user->login It displays the current login time, But I want users previous login time and date.

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Take a look at the User Stats module, it might be something that could work for you. From the module's project page:

Provides commonly requested user statistics for themers, IP address tracking and Views integration. Statistics are:

  • Days registered
  • Join date
  • Days since last login
  • Days since last post
  • Post count
  • Login count
  • User online/offline
  • IP address
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Drupal doesn't offer this natively. If you need to use it, you would probably want to add it to for example serialized $user->data array when user logs in (Using hook_user() for $op = "login") and save updated user object afterwards, and then you will be able to fetch it on the next login.

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The solution I used: keep track of the last two log-in timestamps (the current and the previous one).

 * Implementation of hook_user()
function your_module_user($op, &$edit, &$account, $category = NULL) {
  switch($op) {

    // Successful login
    case 'load':
      // If it's less than two it means we don't have a previous login timtestamp yet.
      $account->custom_last_login = sizeof($account->custom_login_history) < 2 
        ? NULL 
        : array_pop($account->custom_login_history); 

    case 'login':
      // If it's the first time, we don't have a history
      $login_history = is_array($account->custom_login_history) 
        ? $account->custom_login_history 
        : array();

      // Get rid of the old value.
      if (sizeof($login_history) == 2) {

      // Add to the history the current login timestamp.
      array_unshift($login_history, $account->login);

      user_save($account, array('custom_login_history' => $login_history));

Then in your template you just use $user->custom_last_login. If it's empty it means we don't have the previous timestamp yet, will be available after the next login.

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These data are saved with module Login History

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