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I have an application where many activities are there. I want in one activity's button click the application should be stopped( stopped in background). How can i do that? Thank you

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Do you want to exit from the application or what ?? –  Sujit Jun 24 '11 at 7:34
I didn't get you. can you please elaborate on this. –  Anup Rojekar Jun 24 '11 at 7:35

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The most straight way



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Best practice is to just call finish() and let the OS take care of killing off your process when/if it needs to.

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Application can not stopped in background through programming.if you want to exit application or want to finish all activities-

use this-

If you are calling activity B from an activity A.and C from B


use startactivityforresult from A

and again B->C

use startactivityforresult from B

and when you want to exit from C then setResult(i.e. RESULT_OK) and finish C.and in OnActivityResult() in B,check if resultcode == RESULT_OK then again finish B and setresult(RESULT_OK) for A.same procedure will follow to finish A.

this will exit you from the application.and application will start from A not from C.

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