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I made a small backup application that simply creates an archive out specified files and folders. Now I need an online service to backup that online. Which service can i use that can be integrated into my app ?

Options I considered:

dropbox is ideal, but they have all but abandoned the desktop.

skydrive has no api.

I couldn't find any free reliable backup service that uses ftp .

anything else ? it should provide 1-2 gb of free space and be reasonably reliable.


My app is in C#, but can be ported to any other language as well..

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In your case, Amaxon's S3 seems more fitting but that's not free.

Depending on your target audience, you can create a local archive and have that picked up by your regular backup solution. You might try Wuala,or SpiderOak. Expand Wuala by adding your own space. Spideroak is free up to 2GB (more if you invite friends), and also provides a good alternative to Dropbox (if you want to see how to migrate from dropbox to spideroak see my blogpost about that).

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Try box.net, now known as box.com or simply Box

reference: http://developers.box.com/docs

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thanks but that 25mb file size limit is a deal breaker. –  gyaani_guy Jun 24 '11 at 7:52

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