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I need to include a source code excerpt in my article. However, this code is too long, so I want to indicate an omission of some part, such as:

void f(int typeId) {
        case UINT8:

        case UINT16:

What should I put in place of ?????? I've seen ellipsis ... used mostly but it seems to me confusing (specially if ellipsis is a part of a language syntax). Or I can use // .... I would prefer some commented out text at best, just don't know if there is some standard expression for such a case. For example // omitted code or // cont. etc.

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I don't know if there's such a standard for omitted code but when I have to write articles about my code I act as follows:

  1. If it possible it's better to translate your code in language-agnostic pseudo-code reporting only important line of code
  2. Splitting code in more code block and use comments to link code block together. E.g. /** See code at Listing X.Y.Z **/.
  3. If code is completely useless for the article use a comment block to indicate that the code has been omitted. E.g. /** Code omitted for simplicity **/
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