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Wikipedia says that the Xquery can run through file extentions .xq, .xqy, .xquery. But when I try to create a file with any of these extensions, notepad rather creates .xq.txt file and so on. Do I need to add any registry entries or something?

P.S. I am using Windows 7 Ultimate x64.

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I wouldn't use notepad at all to be honest.

Check this tutorial to see how to get started with an Eclipse based XQuery IDE: XQuery.me. Otherwise, I would use notepad++ instead of notepad.

hope this helps.

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Eclipse is providing open-source plug-ins for XQuery. More at http://xqdt.org.

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Two possibilities:

  • Just put some double quotes around your filename, and notepad will save it without adding .txt.
  • Select "All Files" in the file content box will stop notepad adding .txt, too.

Better solution as stated before: use some better editor like Notepad++ or e.

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