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i am trying to run sonar on our java code using a minimum maven pom.

I can run 3 project

When i encounter a project having unicode UTF-8 the sonar:sonar command fails!

INFO]  Sensor SquidSensor...
INFO]  Java AST scan...
INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------
INFO] Can not execute Sonar

mbedded error: Got an exception - unexpected char: '\', file : D:\Sonar\Projects\AoGServices\src\main\com\mypackage\ao565svc\services\KommunikationPrµferenceOpretServiceBean.java, line : 34
INFO] ------------------------------------------------------------------------

the line 34 having a class name with "\u00E6"

How can i tell sonar to work on the unicode ?

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I haven't tried this, but I think you may be able to fix this by adding the following to your POM:



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