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I have a backbone.js / jquery mobile app:

when i make a GET to, then jquery executes "/" and then loads #map.

because "/" is triggered first, all backbone.js scripts are loaded including the backbone.js routes in my map-controller.js ("map": "functionForMapRoute"). since the URL contains /#map, the backbone.js route "map" gets triggered before jquery mobile has rendered the dom.

so "functionForMapRoute" can´t operate on divs cause the DOM isn´t fully loaded at this point.

how can i ensure, that the "map" route is triggered not until the DOM is fully loaded?

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use something more integrated with jquery mobile, for instance jquerymobile-router (you can find it on github). It replaces backbone's router and it's to be used with jquery mobile and backbone.js or spine.js

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jqm is meant to be used with backbone.js mixing in another routing facility can't be propper the solution. – Nikel Weis Feb 25 '14 at 19:21

I figured out that if you dont use "/" in backbone router it will do fine.



"category-:id": "category"

instead of this

"category/id/:id": "category"

I guess thats why they used same concept in the official tutorial :P

"category?:type": "category"
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I had the same issue, and here is the solution to avoid using jquerymobile-router : Backbone.js and jQueryMobile routing without hack or other router

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