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I am using the below code to add row in jqGrid


I click on the checkbox to see id's by using your code below

 $(document).delegate('#list1 .jqgrow td input', 'click', function () 
    /*var grid = $("#list1 .jqgrow");
    var rowid = grid.jqGrid('getGridParam', 'selrow');*/
    var mydata = $("#list1").jqGrid('getGridParam','data');
    var idToDataIndex = $("#list1").jqGrid('getGridParam','_index');
    var id;
    for (id in idToDataIndex) {
        if (idToDataIndex.hasOwnProperty(id)) {
            console.info(id+", "+mydata[idToDataIndex[id]]['cfgName']);

    console.info("maxid "+id);


Here is my output in firebug

enter image description here

How i am getting jqg1 in place of id? may be this is creating the problem

function addRow(cfgid,cfgname,hostname,cfgDesc,productId,cfgType,updateDate,emailAddress,absolutePath)
var myrow = {cfgid:cfgid, '':'', cfgName:cfgname, hostname:hostname, cfgDesc:cfgDesc, productId:productId,hostname:hostname,cfgType:cfgType,updateDate:updateDate,emailAddress:emailAddress,absolutePath:absolutePath};
$("#list1").addRowData(cfgid, myrow,"first");

$("#list1").sortGrid('updateDate', false, 'desc');

updateRow works fine as i used currentrow but how to use max id for adding a new row in addRow?

function    updateRow(cfgid,cfgname,hostname,cfgDesc,cfgType,updateDate,emailAddress,absolutePath)
      $("#list1").delRowData( currentrow );

var myrow = {cfgid:cfgid, '':'', cfgName:cfgname, hostname:hostname, cfgDesc:cfgDesc, productId:updateproductid,hostname:hostname,cfgType:cfgType,updateDate:updateDate,emailAddress:emailAddress,absolutePath:absolutePath};
$("#list1").addRowData(currentrow , myrow);
$("#list1").sortGrid('updateDate', false, 'desc');

but is seems when the row is added it gets a duplicate id because when i try to select that row, 2 rows get selected.

My full jqGrid code

 var xmlDoc = $.parseXML(xml); 
            $('<div width="100%">')
            .html('<table id="list1" width="100%"></table>'+
                    '<div id="gridpager"></div>'+

            var grid = jQuery("#list1");


              datastr : xml,
              datatype: 'xmlstring',
              colNames:['cfgId','','Name', 'Host', 'Description','Product', 'Type', 'Last Updated Time','Last Updated By',''],
                  {name:'cfgId',index:'cfgId', width:90, align:"right", hidden:true},
                  {name:'',index:'', width:15, align:"right",edittype:'checkbox',formatter: "checkbox",editoptions: { value:"True:False"},editable:true,formatoptions: {disabled : false}},
                  {name:'cfgName',index:'cfgName', width:90, align:"right"},
                  {name:'hostname',index:'hostname', width:90, align:"right"},
                  {name:'cfgDesc',index:'cfgDesc', width:90, align:"right"},
                  {name:'productId',index:'productId', width:60, align:"right"},
                  {name:'cfgType',index:'cfgType', width:60, align:"right"},
                  {name:'updateDate',index:'updateDate',sorttype:'Date', width:120, align:"right"},
                  {name:'emailAddress',index:'emailAddress', width:120, align:"right"},
                  {name:'absolutePath',index:'absolutePath', width:90, align:"right", hidden:true},
              pager : '#gridpager',
              height: 'auto',

              viewrecords: true,
              gridview: true,
              xmlReader: {
                  root : "list",
                  row: "com\\.abc\\.db\\.ConfigInfo",
                  userdata: "userdata",
                  repeatitems: false
              onSelectRow: function(id,status){
                  var rowData = jQuery(this).getRowData(id); 
                  configid = rowData['cfgId'];

                  var ch =  jQuery(this).find('#'+id+' input[type=checkbox]').attr('checked');
                  if(ch) {
                            jQuery(this).find('#'+id+' input[type=checkbox]').attr('checked',false);
                  } else {
                            jQuery(this).find('#'+id+' input[type=checkbox]').attr('checked',true);                       

              onCellSelect: function(rowid, index, contents, event) {

                        $(xmlDoc).find('list com\\.abc\\.db\\.ConfigInfo').each(function()
                            //alert($(this).find('cfgId').text()+" "+configid);



Where am i going wrong?

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@Oleg: Can you see this question please –  Ricky Jun 24 '11 at 10:32
If you want to post me a message you should write comment having "@Oleg" to one of my previous answers. If you just write the same comment on your new question where I didn't write any answer or my comment before the stackoverflow will just ignore the message and I will not receive any notification. –  Oleg Jun 24 '11 at 12:23

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You can't just use always the same id="1" as the first parameter of addRowData in the addRow. If you do this you will receive the id duplicates on the page which is not permitted on a HTML page.

It seems that the cfgId column are unique in the grid. So if you have only one grid with cfgId column on your page you can modify the addRowData in the addRow to the following:

$("#list1").addRowData(cfgid, myrow,"first");

Another way is to use $.jgrid.randId() method as the rowid parameter of addRowData

$("#list1").addRowData($.jgrid.randId(), myrow,"first");

or the undefined value:

$("#list1").addRowData(undefined, myrow,"first");

In the last case the jqGrid will call $.jgrid.randId() internally to generate the unique rowid.

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I updated my question with a snapshot to show that in place of getting the id i am getting some crap value –  Ricky Jun 24 '11 at 12:40
@Ricky: I don't understand which code you used to produce the screenshorts. The results shows, that you had cfgid=undefined for the row having abcd in the cfgName. In the case the rowid will be generated by $.jgrid.randId(). It is an integer (1 in your case) with the jqg prefix. So you should verify your cfgid values. If you not sure, that the cfgid are not unique you can directly use undefined in the all addRowData calls. –  Oleg Jun 24 '11 at 13:12
Thanks by mistake it was always calling updateRow, and so my addRow was not getting called. –  Ricky Jun 27 '11 at 6:17
@Ricky: You are welcome! –  Oleg Jun 27 '11 at 7:04

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