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I am trying to build Boost thread from boost_1_38_0 using stl port. I have modified the user-config.jam as follows

using stlport : 5.1.0 : C:/STLPORT_PATH/STLport-5.1.0/stlport 
                    C:/STLPORT_PATH/STLport-5.1.0/lib ;

And I run the following command to build boost thread:

bjam --build-dir="C:\Code\boost_1_38_0\build-boost" --toolset=msvc-8.0 stdlib=stlport-5.1.0 --build-type=complete --with-thread -a -d2 stage

It builds the static libs just fine, but it does not build the dlls, i.e., it builds libboost_thread-vc80-mt-p-1_38.lib, but not boost_thread-vc80-mt-p-1_38.li (notice the lib prefix).

If I build without stlport, it builds a dll no problem. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

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that's old..... –  sehe Jun 24 '11 at 10:13
@sehe, yes it is, but I'm using at least one system where v1.39 is installed. So, I don't think it is uncommon. In that case, I installed v1.46.1 in my home dir, so that I would not have to fight to get a newer version installed. –  rcollyer Jul 5 '11 at 3:23

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