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I have developed an iPad app that works properly in the simulator. When I load it into my iPad and run it, it does not see any of my breakpoints. My first breakpoint is in

application didFinishLaunchingWithOptions

so I know it should break (it did in the simulator). When I ran in the simulator there were messages on the console

Pending breakpoint 1 - ""OrderEntryAppDelegate.m":43" resolved Pending breakpoint 2 - ""OrderEntryAppDelegate.m":121" resolved Pending breakpoint 3 - ""SubjectsController.m":25" resolved

Those messages did NOT appear when I ran the in debug mode in the iPad.

I'm running iOS 4.3.3, MacOS 10.6.7, XCode 3.2.6. At first I got many errors from XCode saying that it couldn't open the symbol file ... that's fixed and those messages no longer appear.

Help please. Posted this on Mac Rumors ... no help there.

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Make sure you are running the app from XCode, and that the "breakpoints" button is activated (next to the build button in XC 3.2.x). The build buttons should say "build and debug" (with a can of bug spray), not "build and run".

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Knowing why this was downvoted would be a courtesy. That way I can improve future answers. –  Rab Dec 31 '11 at 23:05

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