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I'm trying to get a json/xml callback of all tweets for user 'zapallpeople' or containing hashtag '#zapallpeople'. I've tried the search api but it will only return tweets from the last 6 days. http://search.twitter.com/search.atom?q=from:zapallpeople%20OR%20%23zapallpeople

Then I've tried doing this with the Streaming API's tracking method using the Phirehose PHP library but this doesn't work on our webserver for some reason. (I get a PHP timeout error)

 * Example of using Phirehose to display a live filtered stream using track words 
class FilterTrackConsumer extends Phirehose
   * Enqueue each status
   * @param string $status
  public function enqueueStatus($status)
     * In this simple example, we will just display to STDOUT rather than enqueue.
     * NOTE: You should NOT be processing tweets at this point in a real application, instead they should be being
     *       enqueued and processed asyncronously from the collection process. 
    $data = json_decode($status, true);
    if (is_array($data) && isset($data['user']['screen_name'])) {
      print $data['user']['screen_name'] . ': ' . urldecode($data['text']) . "\n";

// Start streaming
$sc = new FilterTrackConsumer('username', 'password', Phirehose::METHOD_FILTER);

Are there any other methods to do this?

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I think there is no longer history available. See amongst other google hits this link. It might be an oldy, but the concept stands: there is no longer search history then a couple of days, not exactly specified by twitter as far as I know.

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