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I m workin on an api where the user enters a domain and i need to redirect to the login page of that domain. So this works for only google domains and i need to handle the error created when user enters non google domain . I m workin on google app engine. I m new to dis error handling.So kindly explain how it works along with the solution

The error i recieved is

//Error: Server Error

The server encountered an error and could not complete your request.//

thaks in advance

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The easiest solution will be probably to try to validate the user input before you use it. A simple regular expression which checks the last parts of the domain the user has entered might be enough.

If you want to support arbitrary domains without a google\.[a-z]+ or appspot.com suffix you will need another way to figure out if the site matches your requirements or not. Unfortunately there is no "is-powered-by-google-or-has-a-google-like-login-page" header, so you will probably need to look at the content and use some heuristics if the page is likely to be a such a page or not.

The kind of server error (500 interrnal server error) you are now encountering might mean a lot. This error indicates that there is something wrong with your application or server configuration. For example, if you deploy a script with a syntax error, the web server will response with "server error" when someone tries to access it. Also, if you want to divide by 0 or try to access an non-existing element this kind of error will be shown. So, server-errors are just a very general name for programming errors which should be avoided (and fixed!).

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.. Thankh you very much for your answer, but what i have already kept a check for what have mentioned in your answer. What i need to do is to find out the given domain is google domain , which can be done by goin to the URL . When its a non google domain i m getting an ERROR : SERVER ERROR , how can i catch dis error. what i need to mention in the except <error> . I have tried server error. And is there any method to catch all errors without mentioning them.... thanks in advance. –  Shyam Jun 26 '11 at 4:33

It's hard to specify exactly what your case requires, but the way error catching generally works is like this:

except ErrorClass:
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