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I just want to know what are the different ways to implement/design a distributed architecture. I know some technology in this field. Like 1. RPC 2. Java RMI & Socket 3. .Net Remoting & Socket 4. XML-RPC 5. SOAP based web service 6. HTTP based web application 7. REST ful web service

But there are lot more that I know, but what are they I don't

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At an architecture level there are 4 ways to integrate systems:

  • Shared Database
  • Message Queue
  • Request Response Call
  • Message Transfer

Within each one there are many technologies that are available

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You really should start with requirements, they have major impact on architecture.

  • Single machine / multiple / multiple and geo-reduntant ?
  • Shared / private memory / mix ?
  • Synchronous / asynchronous communication / both ?
  • Fault tolerance ? Recovery ?
  • Scalability ? Transactions ?
  • Large data / computationally intensive ?

Please add further questions I'm sure I forgot something important.

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