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I am working on a swing gui which have many buttons. I have many actions in which buttons disable and enable at times. I want to set tooltips for only enabled buttons. When the button disables I don't want any tooltip for that button.

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I would try extending the Button class, and overloading getTooltip(). Something like:

public class MyButton extends JButton {
  public String getTooltip() {
     if (this.isEnabled()) {
       return super.getTooltip();
     return null;

Of course, this depends on Swing using getTooltip to get the info to draw the button; anyway I would try it.

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Which result? Mind that there are no constructors defined, you should define the ones that you need. – SJuan76 Jun 24 '11 at 21:52

Add an extended JButton class:

import javax.swing.*;

public class MyButton extends JButton
  private String toolTip;

  public void setToolTipText(String text)
    if (null != text) toolTip = text;

  public void setEnabled(boolean b)
    super.setToolTipText(b ? toolTip : null);

and use it instead.

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I think Boris' answer is better.… – AliCan Feb 10 at 15:16

You have to remove tooltip text.

You can also create your own class with overriden methods for enable/disable and doing it automatically.

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