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Here is my code:

open System

let rec gcd a b =
    match b with
        | x when x = 0 -> a
        | _ -> gcd(b, a % b)

let result = gcd 15 10

let main(args : string[]) =
    printfn "result = %d" result 

Why I get the error with this code:

D:\datahub\Dropbox\development\myprojects\project-euler\Problem_5\problem_5.fs(6,16): error FS0001: Type mismatch. Expec
ting a
but given a
    int -> 'a
The resulting type would be infinite when unifying ''a' and 'int -> 'a'
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The example tries to separate arguments by using a comma. In F# multiple arguments are supplied to a function by separating them with whitespace:

let rec gcd a b =
    match b with
        | x when x = 0 -> a
        | _ -> gcd b (a % b)
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See also… – Brian Jun 24 '11 at 13:27

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