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i'm trying to fix this forum where html entities are not displayed correctly. since the owner is m.i.a. i'm trying to do this with an extension.

what i see on my screen:


view of the html DOM with firebug

bit of html-dom as seen with firebug

my code:

GM_log('before text= '+text); 
text.replace( /amp;/gi, function( $0 ) {
    GM_log('$0= '+$0);
    return fix; 
GM_log(' after text= '+text); 

which returns:

 before text= euro: &amp;#8364; <br>pound: &amp;#163;
 $0= amp;
 $0= amp;
 after text= euro: &amp;#8364; <br>pound: &amp;#163;

so my code seems to be working until the point it has to replace.

are those rectangles preventing it? did i do something wrong?

and if so how can i fix this?


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You forgot to assign the result of replace:

text = text.replace(...);
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thanks. that solved it. –  plastic cloud Jun 24 '11 at 12:02

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