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Anybody know, how to count the character is consecutively repeated the most times in the given string. I need very shortest answer.

For ex: "xxyyydduuummm" will return 'y, u, m'

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"xxyyydduuummm".scan(/((.)\2*)/).group_by{|s, c| s.length}.sort_by(&:first).last.last.map(&:last) (Ruby 1.9)
"xxyyydduuummm".scan(/((.)\2*)/).group_by{|s, c| s.length}.sort_by{|k, v| k}.last.last.map{|s, c| c} (Ruby 1.8.7)
# => ["y", "u", "m"]

Improvement Suggested by Mladen Jablanović.

"xxyyydduuummm".scan(/((.)\2*)/).group_by{|s, c| s.length}.max.last.map(&:last) (Ruby 1.9)
"xxyyydduuummm".scan(/((.)\2*)/).group_by{|s, c| s.length}.max.last.map{|s, c| c} (Ruby 1.8.7)
# => ["y", "u", "m"]
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thanks sawa. But, it's not working for me. I have using rails 1.2.1 version with ruby 1.8.6 –  Mr. Black Jun 24 '11 at 12:32
A slight variation: "xxyyydduuummm".scan(/((.)\2*)/).group_by{|r,c| r.length}.max.last.map(&:last) –  Mladen Jablanović Jun 24 '11 at 12:33
Sorry!. It's also not working.. "xxyyydduuummm".scan(/((.)\2*)/).group_by{|r,c| r.length}.max.last.map(&:last) TypeError: wrong argument type Symbol (expected Proc) THIS IS MY ERROR.. undefined method 'group_by'. My ruby version is 1.8.6 –  Mr. Black Jun 24 '11 at 12:34
hi sawa, it shows the following error.. undefined method `group_by' for #<Array:0xb7f24254> –  Mr. Black Jun 24 '11 at 12:39
@Mr. Black. group_by is defined on Ruby 1.8.7+. Ruby 1.8.6 was released more than four years ago. I suggest you upgrade to at least Ruby 1.8.7. Some people do not upgrade to the current 1.9.2 for compatibility reasons, but 1.8.7 is fully compatible with 1.8.6. There is no reason to stay on that. –  sawa Jun 24 '11 at 12:43

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