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I have, by accident, exported and imported my colleague's developer identity into Xcode Organizer. Selecting Developer Profile lists both me and my colleague. This results in an warning:

Check dependencies

[BWARN]Code Sign warning: code-signing identity 'iPhone Developer' matches multiple identities : 'iPhone Developer: [me]', 'iPhone Developer: [my colleague]' -- 'iPhone Developer: [me]' will be used.

How can I remove or delete his identity from the project/organizer? There is no control+click.

This has also caused that there are two identical provisioning profiles (I suspect the 2nd belongs to my colleague's developer identity). So if I remove the provisioning profile and his certificate, I might get rid of his developer identity. BUT: I can't figure out which provisioning profile belongs to which developer identity, since I can't see the identity-id anywhere. Anybody know where to find that?

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Go to the KEychain Access and delete the multiple identities file.

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What if the unwanted identity is the one of the Team agent? I deleted the Team agents identity from Keychain access, but then I couldn't create any Ad Hoc and Distribution builds anymore. (My account is an Admin account, so I thought I should still be able to do so after deleting the agent's profile.) – Tafkadasoh Oct 8 '12 at 13:28

Deleting the unwanted identity files from Keychain Access may work in some cases, but if you have "Automatic Device Provisioning" turned on, you may need to add a step. I found that even when I deleted the identity files from Keychain Access, when I restarted XCode, the unwanted certificate would show up back in Keychain Access. To fix this, I had to:

  • Open XCode, select "Provisioning Profiles" (under Library in the Organizer), and then hit the "Refresh" button at the bottom (assuming "Automatic Device Provisioning" is checked).

  • At that point I logged in with the developer credentials I wanted to use.

  • I then closed XCode, deleted the bad profile from Keychain Access, and restarted.

This solved the problem for me and my new default profile was the one that I wanted to use.

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  1. open Get info window of your project.

  2. select Built tap.

  3. find Any iOS and change its value to specific developer profile.

There is some known x-code bug concerning with changing developer profiles.

If above doesn't fix the problem, leave a comment below this answer.

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Me again.

If you want to delete a specific developer profile, follow this.

  1. Open Organizer.

  2. Select Provisioning Profiles from left bar.

  3. Right click on the one of listed profiles and there should be Delete Profile drop-down menu.

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That will only delete the provisioning profile, not the developer profile. – kimsnarf Aug 24 '11 at 10:10
Yeah. I was asking about how to delete the Developer profile. This only deletes the provisioning profile – esbenr Jan 1 '12 at 13:07

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