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Is there a way to hook into how specific types are serialized when using WCF and Silverlight. For example, I need to tweak how System.DateTime properties are serialized/deserialized.

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Be careful here. Any time you change how something is serialized, you'll also have to change how the client deserializes it. You should have a very good reason in mind before changing how a data contract serializes, as they are made to be very interoperable. Anything you change could reduce the level of interoperability.

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In your datacontract, use the [OnSerialized] attribute.

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Unfortunately, Silverlight doesn't support serialization callbacks. See my complaint <a href="blog.wouldbetheologian.com/2009/10/…;. –  Ken Smith Dec 12 '09 at 22:55

Since Silverlight doesn't support serialization callbacks (see here), you best bet might be to add a secondary property to any objects which wraps the DateTime property you need to control, and handle any "serialization" needs in that property.

Just a thought.

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