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I'm wondering if anyone has come across any sample code for creating a listField that has clickable rows.

I'm using Blackberry 5.0 API and I need to create of table of clickable rows. When the row is clicked then the user will be brought to a new screen showing more content.

Have looked around but I haven't found any good examples of using a ListField (any other component using the 5.0 API) to achieve this. Any suggestions?


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Override protected boolean navigationClick(int, int) to something like:

protected boolean navigationClick(int status, int time) {
    super.navigationClick(status, time);

And then attach a FieldChangeListener to it, and make sure you fieldChanged(int context) method checks for context==1 to listen for clicks. You might want to head to the BB Java Development forums for another resource, as this questions and many others have been answered on there and it might be useful for you.

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Thanks . Got advice of the BB forum to use ListField and I have this working now, it seems to be working o.k. –  user805703 Jun 24 '11 at 15:04

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