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I've been trying to access a 6th generation iPod nano on linux. I tried the gtkpod that comes with Debian Squeeze and it seems it doesn't support the 6th generation nano. So I tried iTunes under wine and it barely installed and wasn't very functional. Then I tried foobar2000 under wine, which did install but didn't seem to detect my ipod.

I've now tried to compile gtkpod 2.0.2, but I'm getting issues with libtool trying to compile libgpod, and I don't even know if gtkpod 2.0.2 supports the 6th generation nano, although I did see a few references to the 6th generation nano in gtkpod's changelog.

Anyone know the best approach here?

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Well... I just compiled gtkpod 2.0.2 and libgpod 0.8.2 and didn't get it to work. ALTHOUGH in the readme it seems to indicate that you COULD get it to work if you got a file that was already on that and did some reverse hackery to get the hash72. Sounds like a bit of work and I haven't done that yet. I'll be trying, but need to load some music on it first.

What's odd is that gtkpod did copy files over, just not seen on the nano. I'm sure I need to get the hash correct then I'll be ok.

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Did you every try this again? I'm trying it out now. –  Utkarsh Sinha Sep 12 '12 at 4:24
I believe I did, I don't recall the result though. I do have music on there so I don't remember if I got it through that or some other open source application. Did you try with the latest gtkpod and libgpod? –  VMcPherron Oct 22 '12 at 19:53

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