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We are using RAD 7.5 as IDE and also log4j for logging purpose. we want to enable spring logging.

I tried the following

  • Added org.springframework.web.util.Log4jConfigListener as a listener in web.xml. It is added before ContextLoaderListener.
  • log4j.properties is present in application war under WEB-INF.
  • Add the following context parameter in web.xml:


In log 4j added the following


Even then I am not able to see any output in console or in log file.

Can anyone please let me know the exact steps for enabling spring logging.

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did you try log4j.logger.org.springframework=TRACE and have you assigned proper appenders to your logger? –  kunal Jun 24 '11 at 14:28

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In your properties file you should have




See this section in the Spring reference.

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If you're using log4j2 using the common XML configuration format, add a Logger in your Loggers node:

<Logger name="org.springframework" level="trace"/>

Normally, the appenders used will be the ones attached to the Root entry.

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