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Using PackageMaker, how do I make a .(m)pkg that will require that SIMBL is installed - if it's installed, the installation should simply proceed, otherwise, SIMBL should be installed before installing my SIMBL plugin?

I tried simply dragging in SIMBL.pkg to the left-hand pane, but somehow all the resources and InstallationCheck script got lost, so that's probably not right.

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I would recommend just installing SIMBL without checking. These days, because InputManagers can only go in /Library (and not ~/Library), SIMBL is always in the same place. In this case, installing SIMBL can't really hurt -- the author doesn't update SIMBL often at all these days, so it's very unlikely that you'll accidentally "downgrade" a user's SIMBL installation. (The last release of SIMBL was in 2006.)

To add SIMBL to your project, you can choose "Add Package Reference" from the "gear" button in the lower-left. You can also just drag the SIMBL folder (from InputManagers) into a new choice (see "New Choice" under the same gear button) and set its install location manually.

As an example, here is a .pmdoc file for a SIMBL plugin I wrote called Scalp.

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Thanks, I think I'll do that. –  Ben Alpert Aug 28 '09 at 21:47

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