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I note that the default behaviour of git push origin is to "push all branches with same local and distant name".

If I create a new branch newfeature and check it out, will git push push the branch to origin by default?

Or do I need to use git push origin newfeature even when it's checked out?

Further, how does the command git push HEAD relate to this?

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By default, it will push newfeature if and only if a branch called newfeature already exists on the remote.

You can change this by using the push.default config variable.

git push HEAD is essentially a shorthand for git push <name of checked out branch> if you have a branch checked out.

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Does this mean that git push HEAD and git push have exactly the same functionality, namely pushing the checked out branch to the remote (as long as a branch with the same name already exists on remote)? – eoinoc Jun 24 '11 at 15:50
No. git push, by default, pushes all local branches that have matching branches on the remote. So if you have a local A, a local B, and a local C, and there are A and C on the remote, both A and C will be pushed (but not B, since there's no matching remote B already). – Amber Jun 24 '11 at 16:24

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