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How can you change the display order of the Submit/Cancel buttons on the jqGrid Modal Popup?

I've been looking for a property in the editGridRow method but haven't had any success.

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There are no option which allows you to change the order of the buttons directly, but you can examine the structure of the Edit/Add form and find out that the Submit and Cancel buttons has ids: "sData" and "cData". Both buttons has the same parent. So you can use for example the beforeShowForm event of the editGridRow method in the form

beforeShowForm: function($form){
    var cancelButton = $form.parent().find("#cData");

to place the Cancel button on the first place.

On the demo I use the beforeShowForm for the row editing. So just select a row and click the Edit button or double click on a row. You will see that the Cancel button are placed before the Submit button.

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Thanks, that works perfectly :) – RLT Jun 27 '11 at 12:00
@RLT: You are welcome! – Oleg Jun 27 '11 at 12:31

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