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I am trying to change the body and head content that is received on success of an ajax call.

replaceXmlContent: function (xmlData,doc) {
            var head = PortalDemoApi.getHeadContent(xmlData);
            var body = PortalDemoApi.getBodyContent(xmlData);
             //var doc = $(document);//works sometime
            // var doc = browser.contentDocument;//does not work
            //var doc = gBrowser.selectedBrowser.contentDocument;//does not work
            // var doc = window.content.document; //works but replaces the content on browser not extention
             var doc = PortalDemoSidebar.MainWindow.getBrowser().selectedBrowser.contentWindow.document;//in error console I get m is null unable to debug

            this.createMainContent(doc, head, body);

I have tried to access the document with all the above methods with failure.. :(

Please tell me how to access the document specific to my extention.. and do the manipulation..

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Heh, creating a new account for each question asked is the way to go to build up reputation... See…,… (the former might provide some code so desperately needed here but I don't see a variable m there either). Error messages always mention a specific code line, why not have a look at it? – Wladimir Palant Jun 24 '11 at 16:23
hey Wladimir Palant I didnt know that new accounts are getting created.. I will be careful next time.. you are right there is no m variable but still on the error console while trying to get the document for manipulations.. may be I am not using the correct document hence the error what do you think? – komal Jun 25 '11 at 7:24

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