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I am a programmer who has been tasked with managing a few other programmers for a large web project. I want to find out the best practices that others use to manage such a project (delegation, coding, testing, deployment) to a successful conclusion. Do people generally divide the tasks by page, class, or something else?

Right now I just make the project on my machine and then upload it or make it in a new directory.

Just pointing me in the right direction would be helpful.


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We usually divide tasks by skills, basically the workflow is something like:

Once an issue gets created on the Issue Tracker our Project Manager gets to look at it, properly fills it with all the required information for our roadmap and if he know somebody who would be well suited for the task assigns it to that person(this takes some more consideration on his part like current work load), otherwise the issue is left as is and one of the programmers can assign it to himself once ha has the time/interest to do it.

There are plenty of issue management tools out there. Github and Bitbucket as well as most forges have basic issue managers built in, or you could look for dedicated open source solutions like Redmine or paid solutions like Atlassian Jira which is our current solution.

Also there are plenty of Software Project Management information out there, basically just find some way you are confortable of working with and getting everyone on the same page as you.

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