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Can someone recommend me some good bibliographic material regarding template matching algorithms and techniques? (book, articles, matlab functions)

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i've bought these 2 books for my thesis, template matching is well explained (especially in the first one).

i also suggest http://www.araa.asn.au/acra/acra2004/papers/cole.pdf which is a well written article (from wikipedia) and maybe check out the OpenSURF (c++ library for features extraction) paper http://www.chrisevansdev.com/computer-vision-opensurf.html

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Functions for template matching in software systems:

Matlab offers normxcorr2 to perform normalized cross correlation.

Mathematica offers the function ImageCorrelate. Its third argument covers all the classical distance functions used in template matching: http://reference.wolfram.com/mathematica/ref/ImageCorrelate.html

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