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I have a UIWebView with some links in it. When I click the link, there's a delay of about 2-3 seconds before the link is loaded. Is this how it's suppose to be or is there a setting I can change? Thanks.

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The delay is annoying, but it's sort of funny that a delay of maybe half a second becomes "2-3 seconds" in people's minds. –  Glenn Maynard Feb 10 '13 at 17:59

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In iOS5 the UIScrollView belonging to a UIWebView has been exposed so that you can change its behavior. So to remove the click delays you can simply do:

[webView.scrollView setDelaysContentTouches:NO]

This way you don't have to use any javascript libraries to remove the delay.

As a bonus, you can make the scrolling in a UIWebView feel a bit more native by changing the decelerationRate:

[webView.scrollView setDecelerationRate:UIScrollViewDecelerationRateNormal]
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Unfortunately setDelaysContentTouches is the touchdown delay, whereas the click delay is caused by waiting for doubletap. This solution doesn't appear to fix that. –  Jaffa The Cake Dec 18 '13 at 12:04

If you mean that after clicking the link there is a delay before the the link is highlighted, this has to do with how the touches are handled by the UIWebView. I doubt that this can account for the whole 2-3 secs delay, but anyway refer to this post to remove it.

If you mean that after clicking on a link it takes 2-3 seconds until you can see the page rendered, then it is (unfortunately) normal. UIWebView is known for being slow at rendering even a simple page.

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You can also work around the UIWebView touch delay by using FastClick. –  Matt Aug 26 '11 at 15:59

Check if you are calling the load method on main thread or not. If you are testing it on Simulator then calling a method on secondary thread takes some time to execute rather than crashing or throwing an exception. Replace such call (if any) by performSelectorOnMainThread method.

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