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Here's the situation: I have an edit box that is actually an iframe. I do not want to add any code to the iframe itself. The iframe has no id.. However it does have a parent div that i can use to identify it.

I have hotkeys set up to trigger events in my page. When I am focused on the iframe none of the events trigger.

Is there a way to unfocus the iframe and trigger the event via hotkeys? What can I do to execute javascript from the parent document when I am clicking inside the iframe?

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Iframes are meant to be very isolated from the containing page, and vice-versa. There are ways around this but you'll find that you're constantly fighting it. It will almost certainly be easier if you use, say, a <div> instead of an <iframe>. – Matt Ball Jun 24 '11 at 17:07

if the contents of the iframe are from the same domain only then can you access it, else you will be getting a cross domain security error. If its the same domain, then following jQuery code can access it. Ad an id to the iFrame and then.

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I think you will have to use the script in iframe

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