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I have 2 VBA macro codes that runs well in Outlook 2007.

1.Search and replace text by clicking a button in Compose Mail Window

2.Search and replace text by clicking a button in Inbox Message Window

As of now I have the macros working and I need to create an application file to automatically install the buttons in the toolbar window for other users, and whenever clicked on to the button in the window, it should run the macro.

I am kind of lost in proceeding with this.

As far as I know,I need to use Visual Studio to create an add in and then I need to program it accordingly to perform the operation.

Is there any other way to do the application file, or using visual studio is the only way?

If using Visual studio is the only way, I have seen some sample add ins that create buttons in the main Outlook 2007 window, but have not seen any sample add in that create buttons in the compose window toolbar/read message window toolbar. Pointers to those kind of samples would be of great help to me.

I am using Visual Studio 2005 to create the add in for Outlook 2007. I have also attached a sample image my question.

Thanks a lot.Sample image

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I found exactly what I need to do..I was about to add ribbon button in both Compose Window and Read message window toolbar. Please see this link. It was very helpful for me.



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Hey, what project type would I need to select to be able to see the designer ? I am using Outlook 2013 add in for Visual studio as my project type, and there I cannot see any option fr designer. –  Yasser May 22 at 7:15

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