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I'm trying to learn c#/WPF/MVVM by converting a sample WPF app to MVVM. This app opens a xml file for editing and then saves it. The app preforms well until I try to save the file, I'm getting an InvalidCastException. Here is some code

public static List<MediaItem> Load(string filename)
        var mediafiles = XDocument.Load(filename).Root.Elements("style").Elements("item").Select(
            x => new MediaItem(

        return mediafiles.ToList();

MainViewModel.cs - Load the xml file

public void LoadList(string filename)
        this.mediafiles = new ObservableCollection<MediaItemViewModel>();

        List<MediaItem> mediabaseList = mDataSource.Load(filename);
        foreach (MediaItem mediaitem in mediabaseList)
            this.mediafiles.Add(new MediaItemViewModel(mediaitem));

        this.collectionView = CollectionViewSource.GetDefaultView(mediafiles);
        if (this.collectionView == null)
            throw new NullReferenceException("collectionView");

        this.collectionView.CurrentChanged += new EventHandler(this.OnCollectionViewCurrentChanged);

Saving the file

 private void Save(ICollectionView collectionView)
        mDataSource mds = new mDataSource();

mDataSource - Saving the file, during debugging data shows up properly everywhere but the exception comes on the line - MediaItem mi = (MediaItem)mediaitem; {"Unable to cast object of type 'mList.ViewModels.MediaItemViewModel' to type 'mList.Models.MediaItem'."}

public void Save(ICollectionView collectionView)
        XDocument xdoc = new XDocument();
        XElement xeRoot = new XElement("art");
        XElement xeSubRoot = new XElement("style");

        foreach (var mediaitem in collectionView)
            MediaItem mi = (MediaItem)mediaitem; 

            XElement xRow = new XElement("item"); 
            xRow.Add(new XElement("title", mi.Title));
            xRow.Add(new XElement("artist", mi.Artist));
            xRow.Add(new XElement("year", mi.Year));

Thank You

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ICollectionView (which shouldn't be referenced in your VM) contains a bunch of MediaItemViewModels.

this.mediafiles.Add(new MediaItemViewModel(mediaitem));

So, you need to get the MediaItem that is wrapped by the given MediaItemViewModel. You didn't include that code, so I can't tell you where the original MI is stored.

foreach (var mediaitem in collectionView.OfType<MediaItemViewModel>())
    MediaItem mi = mediaitem.ThisPropertyContainsTheWrappedMediaItem; 
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Yes! Will your answer worked great. As I learn more, I'll look for a better location for ICollectionView - Thanks again –  Lone Starr Jun 24 '11 at 19:40

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