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I'm trying to develop a website where users upload their images as part of registration. I want it that for each image, there should be a thumb created with PHP (which is not that difficult). I want to save the thumbs (since they are very small) in the database and I use MySQL. (I don't want to save the thumbs as physical files on the drive.)
Does MySQL allow saving and retrieving image data and how do I go about it? If it doesn't support image data, is there any free database that does? I will be happy if a link can be provided.

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yes you can but it is not optimal! so.... No, dont do it! –  Drewdin Jun 24 '11 at 18:35
Google "mysql php blob example" and you find tons of help. –  Alex Howansky Jun 24 '11 at 18:35

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Yes, you can store images in the database, but it's not advisable and bad practice.

Do not store images in the database. Store images in directories and store references to the images in the database. Like store the path to the image in the database or the image name in the database.

Images can get quite large 1MB >. Even if it's a small image, it's still bad practice. You're putting extra hits on your database transactions that you can completely avoid. No big websites stores images in their database. Craigslist doesn't do it. Facebook doesn't do it. It's not a good idea.

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You'll need to save as a blob, LONGBLOB datatype in mysql will work.


CREATE TABLE 'test'.'pic' (
    'caption' VARCHAR(45) NOT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY ('idpic')

As others have said, its a bad practice but it can be done. Not sure if this code would scale well, though.

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You will need to store the image in the database as a BLOB.

you will want to create a column called PHOTO in your table and set it as a mediumblob.

Then you will want to get it from the form like so:

    $data = file_get_contents($_FILES['photo']['tmp_name']);

and then set the column to the value in $data.

Of course, this is bad practice and you would probably want to store the file on the system with a name that corresponds to the users account.

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If your against storing the images on the sever as physical files and you're only storing small thumbs you could try base64 encoding them and storing that string inside your database. Wouldn't know how well that would work for scalability though.

EDIT: It does appear that the BLOB methods mentioned in other posts and on other questions would be better than base64 encoding.

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why increase file size with 30%? –  Jacco Jun 24 '11 at 18:37

MySQL will never be as good a file system as a file system. If your app is well designed, you won't need to store your images in a database.

However, you asked if MySQL allows this, and it does. Please see: http://www.phpriot.com/articles/images-in-mysql

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simple google search returned thousands more pages with info on how to do this.

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But they don't tell you not to do it :>> –  Karoly Horvath Jun 24 '11 at 18:37
he didnt ask if he should, and perhaps in his limited case it will work just fine. No one solution fits all scenarios. And we tend to over engineer our solutions making things more difficult than they need to be. –  Bueller Jun 24 '11 at 18:40
If he needs durability (surviving of all the images (including very fresh entries) in case of a disk crash) a replicated MySQL solution might be very easy to implement... but since he isn't aware of blob data I guess he is a beginner and just using a simple server. In that case I don't see any benefit using MySQL.. more to code and less performant. The only valid reason I can think of is some hosted solution where your FS access is very limited. But I think he is simply a beginner and doesn't know what he's doing. –  Karoly Horvath Jun 25 '11 at 21:47

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