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I am using SSToolkit and SSCollectionView. When I click a SSCollectionViewItem, I would like to darken the item so the user knows it has been pressed.

The documentation ( shows a setSelected and setHighlighted method, but I am not sure how then to change the appearance of my item.

Any help?

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The answer is in the documentation:


Highlights or unhighlights the item, animating the transition between regular and highlighted state if animated is YES. Highlighting affects the appearance of the items's labels, image, and background.

Note that for highlighting to work properly, you must fetch the item's label (or labels) using the textLabel (and detailTextLabel) properties and set the label's highlightedTextColor property; for images, get the items's image using the imageView property and set the UIImageView object's highlightedImage property.

A custom table item may override this method to make any transitory appearance changes.


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