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I am trying to do this route trick:

$route['cp/roles/:num'] = "cp/roles/index/:num";

but it doesn't work :( please help me!!

advanced thanks .

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According to the documentation on URI Routing:

$route['product/(:num)'] = "catalog/product_lookup_by_id/$1";

A URL with "product" as the first segment, and a number in the second will be remapped to the "catalog" class and the "product_lookup_by_id" method passing in the match as a variable to the function.

So, for your particular instance, you would do the following:

$route['cp/roles/(:num)'] = "cp/roles/index/$1";
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thank you very much, it works now (; – Mahmoudco Jun 24 '11 at 19:13

You could try

$route['cp/roles/:num'] = "cp/roles";

and then instead of passing a variable in your function you use


or the number that correspond to the segment.

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