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I have a safecracker form with some hidden fields. I noticed if a user copy form source code from browser view source, he can view the fields, fill the form and submit from outside the site. How do we prevent this. I want post to only happen from the site and not from anywhere else.

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Do you have Secure Forms Mode enabled in your ExpressionEngine Control Panel?

Secure Form Mode prevents automated scripts (the most common way spam is generated) from repeatedly submitting comments or other form data. A submission is only allowed when a user manually loads a page and submits the form from your site. And once the form data is received, the user has to manually reload the page before they can submit again.

The setting is located at: Admin > Security and Privacy > Security and Sessions:

enter image description here

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Thanks great. Looking at this from a different point of view, if a person manipulates the DOM with firebug and changes the value in hidden fields then submits the form, wouldn't he be able to get away with it. –  Pinkie Jun 24 '11 at 23:28
That's precisely what the SafeSharpener Extension for SafeCracker aims to address. –  rjb Jun 25 '11 at 1:47

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