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I have a quick question about trying to develop a new app on Android. So as the title says, I'm to use Bluetooth to link up two Bluetooth capable devices and when they are at a specific maximum range (5-20 ft), have the phone play some sort of alarm.

I do not however, own an Android Phone, but I am instead developing it on the Emulator on my computer. Earlier, I discovered that the emu is not Bluetooth capable nor does it have any form of sounds.

Is there any way of continuing on besides getting a real phone? Any helpful workarounds are welcome

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regarding the emulator capabilities : you'd better buy a device soon ... duplicate?

And regarding the alarm triggering i'm a bit curious : on what are you relying ? SNR ? is there an easy way to access this kind of data on Android ? (only had a glance at the reference pages)

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haha I finally caved in and bought a Samsung Galaxy S –  Kevin Zhou Jun 27 '11 at 5:22
Kevin Zhou nice phone ! still can you tell me more about the parameter you are using to trigger the alarm ;) ? –  olamotte Jun 27 '11 at 14:47

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